Tornado – Canton, TX
Missing Person – Irvine, CA
Missing Person – Bethlehem, NY
Tornado Pre-Staging – Dallas, TX
Mudslide – Hollywood Hills, CA
Flood – Trabuco Canyon, CA
Flood Pre-Staging – Los Angeles County, CA

Tree falls on crowd – Whittier, CA
Missing person search – Herriman, UT
Hurricane Matthew – East Coast
Bluff collapse – Del Mar, CA
Tornado – Tulsa, OK
Missing person search – Tulsa, OK
Plane crash – Santa Rosa, CA

Tornadoes – Dallas, TX
Missing person search – Alexandria, VA
Building collapse – Dallas, TX
Missing Person Search – Jordan, UT
Flood – Hildale, UT
Vehicle crash – Pasadena, CA
Building collapse – Johnson City, NY
Flood – San Marcos, TX
Missing person search – Clermont, FL
Tornado – Runaway Bay, TX
Tornado – Oklahoma City, OK
Earthquake – Kathmandu, Nepal
Vehicle crash – San Leandro, CA
Tornado – Sand Springs, OK
Vehicle crash – Mt. Baldy, CA
Missing person search – Newtown, PA

Missing person search – Salt Lake City, UT
Building collapse – Tijuana, Mexico
Snowstorm – Buffalo, NY
Building explosion – Walnut Creek, CA
Earthquake pre-staging* – Napa, CA
Missing person search – Ridley Park, PA
Building explosion – Schenectady, NY
Missing person search – Oklahoma City, OK
Mudslide – Mt. Baldy, CA
Building collapse – Los Angeles, CA
Missing person search – Fillmore, CA
Missing person search – Temple Terrace, FL
Missing person search – Whittier, CA
Mudslide pre-staging* – Oso, WA
Missing person search – Mexicali, Mexico
Building collapse – San Jose, CA
Building collapse – Irving, TX
Missing person search – Claremont, CA

Flood – Tijuana, Mexico
Flood – Boulder County, CO
Building collapse – Los Angeles, CA
Missing person search – Riverside, CA
Flood – Montgomery County, NY
Tornado – Moore, OK
Tornado – Shawnee, OK
Tornado – Granbury, TX
Building explosion – Waco, TX
Missing person search – San Luis Obispo, CA
Landslide – Tijuana, Mexico

Superstorm Sandy – Long Island, NY
Missing person search – Tulsa, OK
Missing person search – Temple Terrace, FL
Landslide – Tijuana, Mexico
Missing person search – Fillmore, CA
Missing person search – Simi Valley, CA

Missing person search – San Luis Obispo, CA
Hurricane Irene – Green County, NY
Missing person search - Ojai, CA
Vehicle accident - Hacienda Heights, CA
House explosion - Salem, NY
Building collapse - Tijuana, Mexico
Tornado - Oklahoma City, OK
Tornado - Joplin, MO
Earthquake & tsunami - Japan
Landslide & house collapse - Tijuana, Mexico

Gas pipeline explosion - San Bruno, CA
Truck crash - Santa Barbara, CA
Missing person search pre-staging* - Carmel Valley, CA
House explosion - Sacramento, CA
Tornadoes - Oklahoma City, OK
Earthquake - Mexicali & Calexico, Mexico
Mudslide – La Cañada, CA
Earthquake - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Truck crash - Monterey Park, CA
Missing person search - South San Francisco, CA
Missing person search - Neff's Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT
Missing person search - Laguna Beach, CA
Building collapse - La Puente, CA
Building collapse - San Diego, CA
Vehicle accident - Lakewood, CA
Missing person search - Tustin, CA
Missing person search - East Glenville, NY
Highway 58 vehicle rollover - Bakersfield, CA
Truck crash - La Cañada-Flintridge, CA
Missing person search - Tijuana, Mexico

Metrolink crash - Chatsworth, CA
Hurricane Ike - Galveston, TX
Hurricane Gustav - Louisiana
Roof collapse - Rosedale, CA
Construction explosion - Tijuana, Mexico
Earthquake pre-staging* - Tijuana, Mexico
Landslide - Santa Fe – Tijuana, Mexico

Parking structure collapse - Jacksonville, FL
Mudslide pre-staging* - Orange County, CA
Large area search - Albany County, NY
Soledad Mountain Road landslide - La Jolla, CA
Hurricane Dean - Fort Worth, TX
Structural fire - Alhambra, CA
Floods - Roscoe, NY
Landslide - Tijuana, Mexico
Tornado - Lake County, FL

Trench collapse - Tijuana, Mexico
Mesa de Otay search - Tijuana, Mexico
Hurricane Ernesto pre-staging* - Florida & North Carolina
Missing person search - Palm Bay, FL
Building collapse - Daly City, CA
Building explosion - Albany, NY
Broome County floods - Town of Conklin, NY
Floods - Sullivan County, NY
Mudslide - Mill Valley, CA
Missing person search - Mt. Pinos, CA
Partial building collapse - Bal Harbour, Miami, FL
Missing person search - Ventura, CA

Hurricane Wilma - Florida
Hurricane Rita pre-staging* - Texas & Louisiana
Hurricane Ophelia - U.S. East Coast
Hurricane Katrina - Missouri & Louisiana
Missing person search - Topanga, CA
Mudslide - Laguna Beach, CA
Mudslide in Fraccionamiento los Lobos – Tijuana, Mexico
Train derailment - Glendale, CA
La Obredja mudslide - Tijuana, Mexico
Mudslide - La Conchita, CA

School wall collapse - Tijuana, Mexico
Mechanic shop wall collapse - Tijuana, Mexico
Torrey Pines bluff collapse - San Diego, CA
Hurricane Ivan - Florida
Hurricane Charley – Florida
Mudslide - Waterman Canyon, CA
Earthquake - Paso Robles, CA
Disneyland train derailment - Anaheim, CA
Train derailment - City of Commerce, CA
Building Collapse - Sacramento, CA
Winter Olympics pre-staging* - Salt Lake City, UT
Commercial building collapse - Sacramento, CA
World Trade Center attack - New York, NY
Building collapse - Echo Park, CA
Landslide and retaining wall collapse - San Diego, CA
Oklahoma City bombing - Oklahoma City, OK

* "Pre-staging" means our Search Teams were at the scene in case canines were needed to search for survivors.