SDF Teams searching homes in Granbury, Texas

Keri Grant & Tucker and Laurel Pitman & Sonic were deployed early this morning to search for survivors in a town ravaged by tornadoes. They searched for six hours this morning, covering at least 90 homes, and were able to declare the area "clear" of survivors so the rescue crews could move to areas where they were needed most. As of 8:30am local time, Texas Task Force 2 had searched over 130 homes.
This is your support in action. We never know where the next disaster will happen and we are grateful to our donors for making it possible to form new teams and keep our current teams in top deployment readiness.

Just in from Keri via cell phone from Granbury:

"There is total and complete devastation all around us. Just the slabs of foundation are left—nothing else. Mobile homes are stacked on top of each other all over the place. Having lived in Texas all my life, I've seen plenty of storms, but until you're on the ground searching home to home like this, you don't realize the absolute destruction left behind.

Tucker was the real deal. As soon as I opened that kennel door he was ready to go and hasn't wanted to stop once. It has been very gratifying to work with some of the same first responders as we did in West, TX last month—they know Tucker now and are able to ask us to search certain areas they know the dog can cover quickly and efficiently, better than humans. I couldn't be prouder of him."