Dallas parking garage collapse

SDF Search Teams deployed to make sure no one was trapped alive in the wreckage

At approximately 4:30pm CST on October 23rd, Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to the partial collapse of a seven-story parking garage at the Turtle Creek apartment high-rise where a pool deck removal and remodel was underway. The cave-in was caused by a combination of heavy rains and the weight of a construction debris pile that had been left on the seventh floor. The collapse went from the top floor all the way through to the bottom of the building. Vehicles were hanging flipped upside down, hung perpendicular, and pancaked. Structural engineers remained on scene all night to monitor the structural stability of the wreckage.

Andrea Sutcliffe & Skye, Patti Krafft & Billy, and Keri Grant & Tucker were called in to search for any missing persons trapped in the huge pile of concrete, vehicles, and debris.

"A team of structural engineers evaluated the structure and determined that it was safe to send in the canines for a search. All three dogs cleared the pile with no indications of live humans buried beneath the rubble. The dogs did great! They knew what their job was and went straight to the task at hand.

Upon completion of a thorough search by Skye, a structural engineer came up and shook my hand and said how amazing it was to watch Skye work and thanked me for our service. With the safety determination made by the structural engineers, accompanied by the skill set of the canines, it was comforting to him knowing that everything that could be done was being accomplished. I heard him share the same sentiment with Patti as well." - Andrea

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