Missing teens in Tustin, California

by SDF Firefighter Doug Van Iwaarden – Orange County Fire Department

Late on Friday, May 15, Wylie and I got the call to help find two missing teenagers. All the information we had was that a girl and her brother may be wandering lost in a wooded area of Cedar Grove Park in Tustin, CA. The two were considered "at-risk" because they were believed to be under the influence of drugs. We immediately set out to search the park. After about 30 minutes of searching, we were able to declare the area clear of any people, which helped the search and rescue personnel focus their search on other locations nearby.

Thankfully, the police later found the girl, and the boy had already returned to their home. We were able to definitively tell the rescuers that the kids were not in the park, which saved hours of manpower for the first responders and hours of anxiety for their family. I am very proud of Wylie for doing a great job. When the next call comes, we’ll be ready.