Texas-based Search Team Responds to Call of Missing Juveniles

On June 25, 2017, two teenage girls walked away from the Marzelle Hill Transition Center in West Dallas, TX. One of the teens was taken into custody shortly after it was discovered they were gone, while another was believed to be hiding in the tall cattail reeds at the edge of a nearby pond. Battalion Chief Salazar of Dallas Fire-Rescue asked Handler Andrea Sutcliffe to run Search Dog Skye in hopes of finding and flushing the girl out of the cattails.

Ultimately, the sheriff’s dive team found the girl prior to Skye searching but it was a good training for the team and an excellent example of the partnership between state task forces like Texas Task Force 2 and local authorities!

Here is Andrea’s report of the incident:

“Skye and I were deployed to the juvenile detention center in Dallas for two female juveniles that escaped. They had no weapons, and all they wanted Skye to do was flush her out. They had the pond surrounded by tons of police and Dallas Fire-Rescue members. They caught one and the other was missing.


“Right when we were getting ready to send Skye in around the tall grass and pond, the dive team found her. She was alive and hiding under the water and tall grass.


“Skye was unable to do the search since they found her, but thankfully, I had my husband with me and he jumped in the bushes and Skye got to do a quick search. He’s a happy boy!”

We are very proud of the work done by Andrea & Skye. Thank you so much for being part of the SDF family and helping to assure these teams are prepared for times like these when they’re needed most!

Download the Deployment Report here!