Sand Springs, Oklahoma Tornado

Jeff & Justice and Vincent & Magnum search for survivors in Oklahoma

Two SDF Search Teams were deployed overnight to a deadly tornado in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, just outside Tulsa. It was reported that one person was killed and 12 people injured in the storm. The teams arrived at the scene at 12:00am and searched until 4:00am local time. Justice and Magnum were the only Search Dogs in the 12-person rescue crew, requested by the local fire department. They cleared the area, determining that no one had been left behind in the wreckage.

Both Justice and Magnum are rescued dogs, recruited by the Search Dog Foundation from California shelters. This was Jeff & Justice's third deployment and Vincent & Magnum's first.

"The mobile homes had been ripped right out of the ground, some stacked on top of one another, three high in some places. Thankfully, most residents had been warned far enough in advance to seek shelter. This could have been a lot worse. Justice was excited to get to work and he did very well and had fun doing it. To keep things 'fun' for Justice, I had the other guys hide for him. I'm so proud of how Justice has grown as a Search Dog and how we've grown as a team, and so grateful to the Search Dog Foundation and all our supporters for making this possible. I'm glad we were able to deploy and Justice could do the job he was born to do!" - Jeff

Searching in the wreckage of a tornado