SDF Team searches river bed after vehicle washes up in Orange County, CA

SDF Team Searches River Bed After Vehicle Washes Up in Orange County, CA

As a third, and most powerful, storm hit Southern California this week, it packed a punch that created flooding and mudslides throughout the region. SDF-trained Search Team Alex Van & Winnie responded to a vehicle found washed up in the Trabuco Canyon river bed as rescue crews were unsure where the vehicle had come from or if there had been any occupants.

Alex and Winnie searched through dense foliage and flood waters with crews from Orange County Fire Authority, making sure that there was no one washed away with the vehicle in need of help.

This is the team’s first deployment since being partnered in April of 2014 and Alex shared how rewarding it was to see Winnie doing such a great job while completing their search:

“Winnie did great. She loved the water. Took her 3 minutes to clear the whole area. Searched the river bank in the wilderness foliage. It was great to get her out. I’m glad to have a dog that loves to be outdoors and loves the water. There was no one to be found, so I had teammates hide so Winnie had someone to “find” and would end the search on a happy note for her. It was nice to learn that it doesn’t matter the weather conditions – Winnie did phenomenal. Weather, water, nothing mattered to her, she just did the job. I wasn’t surprised but the chiefs were very impressed with how fast she was. Winnie returned to the station covered in mud from head to toe, which I’m sure she loved.”


Photos courtesy of Orange County Fire Authority.