Utah Canine Disaster Search Team Aids in Efforts to Find Missing Child

Deployment Report dated May 17, 2017, by SDF Handler Madison Warner:

“Tanner and I were called out to Eagle Mountain, Utah for a search on a missing 7-year-old with our teammates Patrick Cullen and Pyro. After meeting with incident command, Tanner and I were assigned a 2.5 mile search up a ravine and across a fence line that bordered the community and a military base. There were a lot of natural dirt caves and boulder fields that took time for Tanner to detail, including some areas that an adult would not have been able to fit into. This reminded me of the true value Tanner brings to our community. A 7-year-old may have climbed into a cave that an adult would never have been able to search on their own.

I am extremely proud of Tanner. He searched very well despite numerous distractions that rural neighborhood searches bring including other dogs, horses and other livestock, four wheelers and ATVs, and people who gathered to see what was happening.  Tanner’s endurance never wavered and we could have searched a lot more ground if needed. Thankfully, the child was found across a major highway, where he wandered into a garage. I am always relieved when a search ends in such a positive way.

Thank you to the amazing staff and trainers at the Search Dog Foundation who constantly challenge Tanner and me so that we can be ready for anything.”

- Maddie Warner