Bluff collapse in Del Mar, California

First deployment for Search Dogs Decker and Sarge!

Decker & Brent Brainard and Sarge & Aide Barbat of CA-TF8 (San Diego) deployed July 13, 2016 when a bluff collapsed in Del Mar.

A man reported to a lifeguard that he witnessed a juvenile female walking below when the bluff collapse occurred. Del Mar Fire, Encinitas Fire, and their Sheriff’s Dept. work together in this type of situation and when the Sheriff’s dogs were delayed, someone on scene suggested they call San Diego USAR.

Brent says they were on the scene in less than 20 minutes. Decker & Sarge searched but did not alert to indicate live human scent was present.

The Sheriff’s dept. then sent in their cadaver dogs but again no alert, so it looks like the woman who was seen made a narrow escape.

Brent says, “Both dogs did absolutely outstanding! They’ll be ready for the next call—Decker’s ready to search again right now!”

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