Building explosion in Walnut Creek, California

On Halloween morning, Alex Mengell & Gunner set out on their first deployment—an apartment explosion in Walnut Creek, east of San Francisco. When they arrived, Alex & Gunner found the entire top floor of the building had been destroyed, leaving a huge pile of rubble covering the ground floor. Gunner began his search upstairs, climbing debris five to eight feet high. After searching the downstairs too, Alex was confident that Gunner had cleared the building and there was no one left in the rubble.

"Gunner did great! I stayed out of his way and made sure he stayed safe. The only thing that caught his attention was a tennis ball in one of the search areas downstairs. Gunner was kind enough to bring it to me and after I placed it in my pocket, he moved on without any issues. This being our first deployment, I was very proud of him!"  - Alex