Devastation in Moore, Oklahoma

SDF teams based in Nebraska and Tulsa arrived in Moore, OK early this morning to join our Oklahoma City teams in the rescue efforts.

There are now 9 SDF Search Teams searching schools, homes and a bowling alley leveled by the storm. It's pouring rain off and on, making the search even more difficult. We are getting periodic calls and text messages from the handlers letting us know how well the dogs are searching in tough conditions. To give some you perspective on the magnitude of the situation our handlers are faced with, here is one of the text messages we received from a handler as he arrived on scene: "Devastation. Near tears."

We are deeply grateful to all the Canine Search Teams and First Responders with Nebraska Task Force 1, Oklahoma Task Force 1, Tennessee Task Force 1 and Texas Task Force 1 working together to make sure no one is left behind.

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SDF Teams actively searching:

Mark Edwards & Taz (OKC, OK-TF1) 
Jeff Leon & Justice (Tulsa, OK-TF1)
Steve MacDonald & Lilly (NE-TF1)
Andrew Pitcher & Chief (NE-TF1)
Adrienne Seibel & Gunny (Tulsa, OK-TF1)
Jason Smith & Jagger (OKC, OK-TF1)
Damon Wirth & George (NE-TF1)
Dane Yaw & Salsa (OKC, OK-TF1)
Judy Zinn & Royce (Tulsa, OK-TF1) 

SDF Teams demobilized to rest:

Chet Clark & Elvis (OKC, OK-TF1)
Brent Koeninger & Moxie (OKC, OK-TF1)
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Search Dog Taz[/one_third]

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When the tornado hit Moore yesterday, Taz, an incredibly energetic Black Lab based in Oklahoma City, was in California for a special tune-up training. How to quickly get Taz home from California?  SDF volunteer Tim Turpin picked him up at 4:30 this morning from the home of SDF Executive Director Debra Tosch and headed to the airport. Taz has landed in Oklahoma City and his handler, Mark Edwards, is waiting for a break in the storm to pick up his trusted partner so they can begin searching. Taz is pictured here with SDF volunteer Laura Rathe who recruited him from Crescent City Animal Shelter in 2008, and remains one of Taz's many fans.


SDF Dogs currently searching in Moore

SDF dogs searching in Moore, OK