Mt. Baldy, California mudslide

Dennis DiMarzio & Ty, Gary Durian & Tanker, and Andy Olvera & Stetson were deployed at 12:00 pm on August 4 to search a mudslide triggered by flooding in the Mt. Baldy, CA region. The teams were called out after a cry for help was heard from the mud and debris flow area. A vehicle had been reported missing but the number of occupants was unknown. The teams were partnered with local search and rescue teams and deployed to different areas of the canyon.  

Gary and Tanker were flown to the top of the canyon and worked their way down while Dennis and Ty started midway up the canyon on foot to meet Gary and Tanker's search group. Andy and Stetson started at the bottom and worked up to Dennis and Ty's starting point, making sure the area was covered. After almost two hours, the teams did not find anyone and were able to "clear" the area.