Plane crash in Santa Rosa, California

First Deployment of Mike Stornetta and Rocket's Career and of our 20th Anniversary Year

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the passengers who lost their lives in a small plane crash on January 28th in Santa Rosa, CA. This was the first deployment for Mike Stornetta and his partner Rocket (a Border Collie mix), who were on the scene within 30 minutes of the crash to search for survivors on board and in ten acres of brush around the plane. Rocket did a thorough search, and was able to let the rescue crew know there were no survivors. Everyone was very impressed with how quickly and thoroughly Rocket covered the area.

"It was so rewarding to watch Rocket (a dog who was one day away from euthanasia when he was discovered) fulfill his destiny by searching a large crash site with poise and precision. As emergency responders, our job is to ensure no one is left behind. Rocket's training assured us that we had a reliable resource to aid the rescue teams. There may not always be survivors to find, but Rocket has proven he works hard and we can depend on him! The Bergquist family who recruited him, his sponsors Joel and Dena Gambord, and all the SDF supporters who made this possible, can be very proud of this beautifully trained canine!" - Mike Stornetta, Windsor Fire Protection District