Volunteer with SDF’s “Agency Angels”

Here in Ventura County, California—and Across the Nation

You don’t need to live in Santa Paula, California to become an SDF Agency Angel Volunteer! Some of our Angels live down the street—some on the other side of the country. Here are some of the ways you can become an SDF volunteer:

For Volunteers living in or near Santa Paula, CA

Our office volunteers help out with everything from “licking and sticking” to record keeping, computer entry, phone work and events. Also, we’re always looking for families in or near Santa Paula to provide permanent Lifetime Care Homes for search dogs in retirement.

For more information on becoming a local volunteer, please contact Debi Mauck at 888-4K9HERO or [email protected].

Across the Nation

Like to write?
We can always use help researching and writing stories about the search teams for our newsletters and website.

Like working with the media?
We can always use assistance placing stories or ads in local newspapers and magazines, and on the radio and TV.

Know a local vet?
Help spread the word about the Search Dogs by placing fliers in local feed stores, vets’ offices and shelters.

Want to raise funds for the search dogs?
Schools, college clubs, scout troops, churches, and service groups throughout the nation are becoming Part of the Search by organizing fundraising activities, including penny drives, auctions, recycling campaigns, dog walks, and raffles—in support of the Search Dogs.

Want to become a Search Dog Sponsor?
Community groups, companies and individuals across the country are becoming Part of the Search by contributing $20,000 (the cost of creating one canine-firefighter search team) over one or more years. Go to Sponsor a Search Dog for more information.

In California

Want to help screen dogs in California shelters?
Help us recruit future search dogs by learning to identify and test rescued dogs in your community.

Want to adopt a former search dog candidate in search of a home?
Welcome a new member of the family by becoming the permanent home for a rescued dog who is not able to continue in our program. Go to Lifetime Care Program for more information.

Carrie Stempler, an SDF volunteer working from her home in Alexandria, Virginia, is one of the long-distance “Agency Angels” we depend on. Carrie acts as a liaison between SDF and schools and community groups all over the country who are raising money in support of a canine search team. She says the people she talks to everyday fuel her own passion about the mission:

I instantly feel camaraderie with these other SDF supporters who echo my own feelings about work with the Foundation. It’s about the sense of teamwork and accomplishment on a local and national level, the chance to share the concept of ‘good deeds’ among young people, and the sense of gratification, knowing we’re helping to save human lives and turn rescued dogs into rescuers.”

For more information, please contact Program Administrator Debra Tosch at 888-4K9HERO or [email protected].