Victor & Billy Walkenhorst


Team Info

Task Force: California Task Force 8 (CA-TF8)
Agency: City of Santee Fire Department
Level: DHS/FEMA Certified
Most Recent Certification: October 28, 2018


Search Dog Info

Breed: Lab Mix
Sex: Male
Born: April 22, 2016
Recruited from: Haven Humane Society in Anderson, CA
Recruited by: Kirsten Fulk
Sponsor: Patricia Snyder

Prior to arriving at our doors, this lovable Lab mix had been part of a court case and was in protective custody while his owner was on trial for criminal charges. When the owner received a life-term prison sentence, Victor was released from custody and sent to Haven Humane Society in Redding, CA. During the shelter’s assessment, the staff realized that he possessed an intense drive for a ball, so they immediately contacted SDF to evaluate him for our program. Victor was literally bouncing in anticipation of being paired with his new Handler throughout the recent Handler Course here at SDF! Handler Billy Walkenhorst of City of Santee Fire Department is thrilled to be paired with this energetic and dutiful canine companion. Victor has impressed Billy with his excellent search on the Rubble, his eagerness in Agility, and his attentiveness in Direction & Control.