Delta & Aide Barbat

Team Info


Task Force: California Task Force 8 (CA-TF8)
Agency: San Diego Fire-Rescue
Level: DHS/FEMA Certified
Most Recent Certification: October 28, 2018


Search Dog Info

Breed: Belgian Malinois
Sex: Female
Born: September 7, 2015
Donated by: The Simental Family
Sponsor(s): The Joel and Dena Gambord Charitable Foundation

Delta joined our Search & Rescue training program in February of 2017 and is an incredible athlete! It was her owner, whose family is local to our National Training Center in Santa Paula, CA, that contacted SDF about evaluating Delta for this line on work. Due to life changes, the owner did not have the time to dedicate to a dog, but it is clear that she did a wonderful job raising Delta, as she is well-mannered and a lot of fun! The owner explained to SDF staff at the time, “Rather than give her to a shelter or place her with a family that might not be a perfect match for the type of dog that she is, I would prefer to  find her a new home where she can have a true job and fulfilling life.” It’s can be extremely difficult to make the selfless decision to give up your dog but in a situation like this one, it can be the best choice for the canine.

She brought Delta to the NTC and SDF staff evaluated her for our program. Delta did fantastic! She passed each portion of the test with ease and was easily accepted and was donated to SDF so she could begin formal training.

Delta’s did wonderfully in our training program and the previous owner would come by occasionally to watch the young Belgian Malinois at work. Within the first month, SDF Trainer Emily Fisk shared with the rest of staff, “She is such a joy to work with! She is smart and thoughtful. She searches very methodically and has improved the loudness of her bark quite a bit!” Delta was training on the rubble pile in no time and flew over rubble with grace and ease.

Delta was paired with Lt. Dane Yaw of the Oklahoma City Fire Department in September 2017, but returned due to handler injury and was repaired with veteran Handler Aide Barbat of San Diego Fire-Rescue in April 2018. Delta’s strength and drive are being put to good use with Aide as they train together to certify.