Our Staff


SDF CEO George Haynes

George joined SDF in early 2016 to orchestrate the…

SDF Executive Director Debra Tosch
Debra Tosch

With 19 years of experience in Search and Rescue,…

SDF Executive Assistant Serenity Nichols
Serenity Nichols

Serenity is responsible for assisting the Executive Director, maintaining…

SDF NTC Facilities Manager Jim Wiggins
Jim Wiggins

Jim is the Facilities Manager for the National Training…

SDF NTC Facilities Manager Assistant Will Brown
Will Brown

Will is a Santa Paula local and joined the…

SDF Operations Manager Michael Bland
Michael Bland

After more than 17 years working in corporate information…


SDF Program Assistant Dave Lindee
Dave Lindee

Joining the SDF Team in 2016, Dave provides assistance…

SDF Canine Rectruitment Manager Sylvia Stoney
Sylvia Stoney

Sylvia has worked with canine teams throughout her career…

SDF Master Trainer Sonja Heritage
Sonja Heritage

Sonja joined the SDF Training Team in 2012 after…

SDF Canine Trainer Lyz Gregory
Lyz Gregory

Lyz joined the SDF Team in 2010 as a…

SDF Canine Trainer Emily Fisk
Emily Fisk

Emily began training and handling dogs in various dog…

SDF Lead Canine Care Specialist Jami Byrd
Jami Byrd

Joining the SDF Canine Care team in 2015, Jami…

SDF Canine Care Specialist Alex Hill
Alex Hill

Alex’s passion for working with animals led him to…

SDF Canine Care Specialist Samantha Mangiapane
Samantha Mangiapane

Samantha joined SDF in 2016 as a Canine Care…

SDF Canine Care Specialist Jenn
Jenn Mueller

Jenn joined the Canine Care Team in 2016 as…



SDF Director of Development Rhett Mauck
Rhett Mauck

Rhett serves as the Director of Development and is…

SDF Philanthropy & Grants Officer Debra Roets
Debra Roets

Debra fosters philanthropic partnerships with both foundations and individuals for…

SDF Grants & Communications Manager Denise Sanders
Denise Sanders

Denise joined SDF’s team in 2008. After overseeing the…

SDF Development Assistant Kristina Stewart
Kristina Stewart

Kristina joined the SDF team in 2016. As Development…

SDF Program Manager Kate Horwick
Kate Horwick

A member of the SDF staff since 2011, Kate…