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  • Cleanliness is Next to “Dogliness” When It Comes to Ensuring Proper Canine Decontamination During a Deployment

    On June 20 and 21, SDF welcomed Dr. Erin Perry and her team to the NTC to conduct Working Canine Research for Southern Illinois University. Dr. Perry is testing a new canine decontamination (DECON) process for handlers to use after searching each day on deployment. Dr. Perry’s study seeks to

  • Bark Alert – Summer 2017

    Don’t miss any of the action so far in 2017! We are so excited to bring you closer than ever before to the action in this summer’s Bark Alert! From our newest initiative with The Rachael Ray Foundation to our first-ever Deployment Simulation at the National Training Center (NTC), we are thrilled to

  • Meet Our Newest Search Dog Recruits: Deacon and Frisco!

    Meet two of our canine candidates in training: Deacon and Frisco! DEACON Deacon was privately donated to SDF and he arrived at our National Training Center (NTC) in Santa Paula, California on December 26, 2016. What a present Deacon has turned out to be! The young Black Labrador is as

  • Happy Tails: Lifetime Care Dog Bella Finds Her Belissima New Home!

    Bella was originally adopted from Jackson County Animal Care & Control Center in Phoenix, Oregon by a family who had good intentions but were not a great match for her. The family contacted SDF Canine Recruiter Kirsten Fulk, also located in Oregon, who evaluated the young German Shepherd for SDF’s

  • In Loving Memory of Marsi, 2003 – 2017

    With a background like his, it was only a matter of time before Jason Geary would become a Search Dog Handler.  It seemed that Jason Geary and Marsi the Yellow Lab were destined to be a team.  So much so that Jason recalled how quickly Marsi took to him when

  • Meet Our 20 Canine Recruits In Training!

    As of July 1, SDF is thrilled to share that we have an incredible 20 Search Dog Recruits currently in training at our National Training Center! See the full PDF of our newest Recruits here! Thanks to the pioneering efforts of many over the last few decades, including our Founder

  • In Loving Memory of Trapper, 2001 – 2017

    Trapper, a very muscular Yellow Lab with an outstanding personality, spent five days in the late summer of 2005 working in the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast of the U.S. Deployed to Mississippi with his handler, Marshia Hall, as part of Florida Task Force 4,

  • Search Dog Skye takes the wheel

    Texas-based Search Team Responds to Call of Missing Juveniles

    On June 25, 2017, two teenage girls walked away from the Marzelle Hill Transition Center in West Dallas, TX. One of the teens was taken into custody shortly after it was discovered they were gone, while another was believed to be hiding in the tall cattail reeds at the edge

  • Quest post image

    The Quest 2016

    Don’t miss any of the incredible moments that marked our 20th Anniversary Year! Turning twenty was a big milestone for the Search Dog Foundation, and there’s much to celebrate – including YOU and the thousands of people who have made donations, volunteered their time, and shared our story to help

  • Two New York-based Teams Search Apartment Building Collapse

    As rain fell on Monday, June 19th, New York Task Force 2 (NY-TF2) responded to a call that a two and a half story wood frame apartment complex had collapsed. Apparently abandoned, citizens feared that transients may have been inside at the time the structure gave way. With human life

  • Orange County, CA Search Team Deploys to Vehicle Crash Into a Home

    California Task Force 5 Search Team Doug Van Iwaarden & Sadie deployed with Orange County Fire Authority late at night on Saturday, June 17th, when a vehicle crashed into a Yorba Linda home. A family of six lived in the house and were sleeping at the time of the tragic

  • Working Together with Our Troops to Bring the Gift of the NTC to the Nation

    Thanks to our four-year partnership with the U.S. military, SDF once again has been selected to participate in the Department of Defense’s Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) program. This program allows our military service members to gain valuable, hands-on experience in specified fields of construction in preparation for their military deployments.