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  • LATEST NEWS: Thomas Fire Incident Updates

    We will be continually updating this post with any news related to SDF during the Thomas Fire incident. Please follow our social media feeds and check back periodically for updates. Thank you all for your support and for being Part of the Search! MONDAY, DECEMBER 11 – 4:00 PM For

  • In Loving Memory of Bonnie, 2003 – 2017

    Bonnie and her sister Clyde, purebred Labrador Retrievers, were born on October 12, 2003.  Although they were littermates, their personalities couldn’t have been more different.  Clyde responded to training, but Bonnie’s future was on thin ice. Bonnie’s owner, Becky Rutledge, feared that Bonnie might ultimately land in a shelter. Bonnie’s

  • Bark Alert Magazine – Fall 2017

    The phrase “perfect storm” is used quite often to describe moments when many seemingly unrelated things come together to create a unique, challenging, and memorable event. Here at SDF, this past month and a half has been quite literally a storm, with four major disasters rocking communities throughout North America.

  • 4 New Search Teams Join the SDF Roster!

    On November 3rd, SDF’s training team passed the leashes of four Search Dogs to their brand new Firefighter-Handlers (L to R above): Aide Barbat & Fender (San Diego Fire-Rescue), Clint Schepe & Georgia (Chula Vista Fire), Joe Zakar & Dora (San Diego Fire-Rescue), all with California Task Force 8, and

  • New York Search Teams Help Locate Missing Person

    On the evening of Friday, October 27, Search Teams with New York Task Force 2 responded to the call of a missing hunter in Richmondville, NY. The teams, Brian Girard & Keila and Greg Gould & Dax, split into two search parties – each taking one SDF Handler Candidate with

  • In Loving Memory of Comet, 2003 – 2017

    Charity Carlson has raised service dogs for the disabled for many years. While she loves training service dogs and plans to continue this work, she was looking for something more challenging to do. She contacted the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) to inquire about becoming a Prep Home volunteer,

  • Three Veteran SDF Search Teams Re-Certify for Deployment

    Congratulations to SDF’s three veteran Canine Disaster Search Teams who achieved FEMA Certification on October 21: Brent Brainard & Decker, Linda D'Orsi & Haley, and Julie Padelford-Jansen & Ricochet! SDF Program Manager Debra Tosch was in College Station, TX, to support SDF's Search Teams testing and shared that all three

  • In Loving Memory of Ellie, 2004 – 2017

    Ellie was born on August 4, 2004 and was an eager ball of energy right from the beginning. At just three and a half months, this Yellow Lab was exceeding any “normal” activity levels. Due to her energy level, it was apparent that Ellie needed to be more than a

  • SDF Oklahoma City Training

    Field Report: Visiting Our Oklahoma City Search Teams

    From SDF Head Trainer Sonja Heritage We just returned from Oklahoma City, where we worked on agility, obedience, direction control, and building searches with the teams we recently partnered on September 1 at the National Training Center. The teams all are on track and the dogs had a great time

  • 5 SDF Search Teams Deploy to Puerto Rico In Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

    Just a week after Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida and the Caribbean, Hurricane Maria picked up speed and took aim at the same area. While some Task Forces had demobilized, several remained, sheltering in place so they could quickly help local communities as the storm passed. SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 –

  • 7 SDF Search Teams Respond to Mexico City After Deadly Earthquake

    Following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which saw 26 SDF-trained Search Teams deployed, seven of our teams have now responded to Mexico City following a deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the region on the morning of September 19. SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 – 11:30 AM LOCAL TIME As the rescue work continues

  • 16 SDF-Trained Canine Disaster Search Teams Deploy to Florida in Preparation for Hurricane Irma

    On the tail of Hurricane Harvey, one of the most devastating storms in our country’s recorded history, comes Hurricane Irma. News reports state that should Irma continue on her current path as expected, this will be the fourth Category 5 hurricane to hit US soil. Irma has hit the Dominican