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  • In Loving Memory of Zoey, 2003 – 2018

    Among the many success stories of High Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, California is the tale of Zoey, an energetic Border Collie who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to become a National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Search Dog. Born in July of 2003, Zoey’s owner abandoned her when she was only

  • Search Teams stage for possible mudslides during California storm

    Ahead of a major rainstorm event this week, Task Forces throughout California prepared to respond, in case of a repeat of the devastating Montecito mudslides in January 2018. Five SDF-trained Search Teams were activated to stand ready -- teams from Long Beach Fire and Orange County Fire Authority have arrived

  • 7 SDF Search Teams Achieve Certification!

    Congratulations to all of the Canine Disaster Search Teams who recently achieved Certification in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Riverside, California! On February 23, Oklahoma Task Force 1 hosted a State Certification evaluation in Tulsa where several Search Teams passed the test, including veteran SDF team Judy Zinn & Royce. This marked

  • In Loving Memory of Rico, 2006 – 2018

    Everyone who has ever met Rico has seen his tremendous potential and had great expectations for this playful Black Labrador. Originally named Recon, he was born into the Guide Dogs of America (GDA) program on December 8, 2006. By the end of 2007, it had been decided that while Recon

  • Field Report: Training with our San Diego Search Teams

    In February 2018, SDF Head Trainer Sonja Heritage traveled to San Diego to work with Veteran and new Search Teams as part of SDF’s Field Rep program. “It was a really productive trip,” shared Sonja, who worked with several of our Search Teams from California Task Force 8. SDF Search

  • In Loving Memory of Jerry, 2006 – 2018

    Ellen and Tom Paiva, owners of Broken Arrow Dog Training and long-time SDF volunteers, rescued Jerry in September 2007. The first time Ellen met him she saw past his chunky exterior, recognizing his special “Search Dog spark” and his need to have a job! “When we turned him out, it

  • Meet Our Newest Search Dog Recruits: Flyer and Luka!

    Meet two of our canine candidates in training: Flyer and Luka! FLYER Flyer is a rescued Border Collie mix that always appears to be smiling and happy to work– her one floppy ear emphasizes her spunky character. Flyer came to us through Haven Humane Society in Redding, CA after animal

  • 4 New Search Teams Join the SDF Roster!

    With friends and family cheering them on, four new Canine Disaster Search Teams joined the elite roster of urban search and rescue responders at the Search Dog Foundation’s (SDF) National Training Center on Friday, February 2, 2018. These new teams will follow in the foot and paw prints of generations

  • 10 SDF Search Teams Achieve FEMA Certification!

    Congratulations to all of the Canine Disaster Search Teams who achieved FEMA Certification on January 20th and 21st, including 10 SDF-trained teams! Despite cold and windy conditions, SDF Head Trainer Sonja Heritage and Program Administrator Kate Horwick were at Del Valle Training Center in Castaic, CA, to support SDF's Search

  • SDF-Trained Search Teams Assist After Deadly California Mudslides

    Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones and those affected by this disaster. We are grateful for the rescuers, both two- and four-legged, on the ground during this time of great need. Thank you for supporting our teams to prepare them for this deployment and thank you for

  • In Loving Memory of Tanker, 2006 – 2017

    Tanker came to the Search Dog Foundation in an unusual way. Formerly known as “Tank,” this beautiful Lab was donated to the Search Dog Foundation by his previous Handler, Adam Cooper, of Colorado Task Force 1, in the fall of 2011. Adam and Tanker had not yet certified together and

  • LATEST NEWS: Thomas Fire Incident Updates

    FINAL UPDATE – THE SEARCH DOGS ARE HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22 – 1:00 PM When we evacuated from our National Training Center (NTC) campus on the night of December 4, we weren’t sure if we would have a home to come back to after the devastating Thomas