New York Search Teams Help Locate Missing Person

On the evening of Friday, October 27, Search Teams with New York Task Force 2 responded to the call of a missing hunter in Richmondville, NY. The teams, Brian Girard & Keila and Greg Gould & Dax, split into two search parties – each taking one SDF Handler Candidate with them to cover more area.

After two hours, Search Dog Keila led searchers to the body of the deceased person, though not alerting - as she is trained to only alert on live human scent. Though she did not alert, Keila indicated through her body language that she had found something.

The SDF teams deployed were:

  • Brian Girard & Keila
  • Greg Gould & Dax
  • Adam Leckonby (Handler Candidate)
  • Brook Rowley (Handler Candidate)

While this is not the outcome we hope for, we are proud of Keila and Dax, as well as their Handlers and teammates, for helping to give closure to the family.