Lifetime Care dog Bart finds a new home and job!

Meet Bart!

After being surrendered by his original owners to the Humane Society of Cowlitz County in Longview, Washington, Bart’s future was uncertain… until SDF Canine Recruiter Kirsten Fulk spotted his intense interest in a tennis ball. He passed the rest of his Search Dog evaluation and began his formal training at our National Training Center.

Unfortunately, Bart began to have trouble as he faced more challenging search problems and it was decided he was not going to enjoy life as a Search Dog. As part of our Lifetime Care (LTC) promise to every dog who enters our program, we vow to care for each dog for the remainder of her life and find a different suitable career field or a loving home.

In Bart’s case, SDF’s training team determined that Bart would make a good pet, with lots of love and guidance. Longtime LTC home, the Phelps family, met and fell in love with Bart, welcoming him into their home along with fellow LTC dog, Emmie.

Now, Bart enjoys greeting customers and gets to spend all day with his new family. As you can see in his picture above, he’s looking to promote from “Office Greeter” to “Office Manager” very soon!

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