Happy Tails, Celeste!

Believe it or not, SDF’s very own Celeste Matesevac is retiring after 14 years of incredible service to the Search Dogs, handlers, supporters and organization as a whole. As you know, Celeste’s warm and thoughtful demeanor has touched so many of us on a personal level and it’s hard to imagine a SDF office without her daily stories, laughs and hugs.

Beginning with a phone call from SDF Founder Wilma Melville, we’re sure Celeste never imagined the journey she was about to begin:

Many people enter our lives but only a few stick there permanently.  Celeste is a keeper!  Because Celeste is shortly retiring from the Search Dog Foundation, I’ve asked myself, what makes this gal such a treasure?  Is it because of Celeste’s quiet cheerfulness?  Is it because of Celeste’s genuine goodwill toward each person she meets?  Is it because one is virtually assured of a “yes” when you ask something of Celeste? Hmmmmm….the answer to myself is that Celeste will stay in my life because of all these qualities.  How fortunate I am!

– SDF Founder Wilma Melville

Not to worry though, Celeste isn’t going too far and we know where to find her so she won’t be missing from the SDF picture completely. We just like to think of SDF as her hobby now, rather than her full-time focus!

We wish Celeste all the best and thank each of you so much for helping make Celeste’s tenure here at SDF so special, it has been all of you, her friends, who made this journey so special.

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