Field Report: Visiting Our Oklahoma City Search Teams

From SDF Head Trainer Sonja Heritage

We just returned from Oklahoma City, where we worked on agility, obedience, direction control, and building searches with the teams we recently partnered on September 1 at the National Training Center. The teams all are on track and the dogs had a great time showing off their skills.

It is obvious the teams have been working hard on what they learned at the Handler Course. We were very pleased with the relationship between the dog and handler after returning home together a few weeks ago. We will continue to work closely with them as they work towards their certification and enjoyed seeing our veteran Handlers as well!

“What makes SDF an incredible organization is not just the caliber of trained Search Dogs, but the program itself. We always have a safety net. Whether it’s a call, a video, or onsite visit, help is always available. Our team looks forward to the trainer visits. It’s a fantastic training clinic for us and the Task Force. We never have big issues because training errors are identified early and a corrective solution developed. It’s this pairing-to-retirement partnership that makes Foundation dogs stand out like rock stars on deployments!”

– Major Dane Yaw, Oklahoma City Fire and Oklahoma Task Force 1 Handler of Search Dog Delta and retired Search Dog Salsa