Bark Alert Magazine – Fall 2017

The phrase “perfect storm” is used quite often to describe moments when many seemingly unrelated things come together to create a unique, challenging, and memorable event. Here at SDF, this past month and a half has been quite literally a storm, with four major disasters rocking communities throughout North America.

More than half of our active SDF-trained Search Teams from across the country deployed for multiple hurricanes and a massive earthquake. At the same time, SDF officially opened the gates of the National Training Center (NTC) on September 23, an event that was planned long before doppler radar warned us of the storms.

Even while we celebrated this major milestone, our hearts continued to go out to those affected by these disasters, many of whom will be recovering from the impact for years to come. At our Grand Opening we took a moment of silence to think of those in need and to honor all those who deployed to help in the aftermath, both two- and four-legged.

Each of these events – from the SDF Teams serving in four major deployments to the opening of the NTC – is a testament to the ability of our SDF Family, including you, to advance our life-saving mission.

Thank you for being with us every step of the way and for being Part of the Search!

—The SDF Staff

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